We pride ourselves in offering our customers the newest energy efficient lighting technology encompassing LED lighting solutions. In addition we offer turn-key project solution that best meets your needs including utility rebates and installation. 



We Visit Your Property & Start to assess


We Then Prepare a

Detailed Proposal


Identify Before & After Energy Costs


No Upfront Costs


Guaranteed Rebates 



We’ll Schedule The Project At Your Convenience


Installation Performed By   Licensed Electrician


We Cleanup & Recycle All Matirials


We Handle All The Rebates



Start Saving Energy Immediatly


Your Light Levels Will Improve


Your New Lamps Last Much Longer


Your Maintenance Costs Are Reduced


We will meet you at your facility and perform an audit of your existing lighting.

This information will be processed by our team to provide you with a Detailed 

Proposal that is optimized for energy savings. The proposal will clearly classify 

your before and after energy costs and the Return on Investment for the project. 

The proposal is comprehensive and easy to understand.


We will provide a few fixtures / Lamps free of charge for display.  

Product demonstrations will provide sufficient information to ensure customer goals are 

met, inclusive of light levels, product performance and make certain it will 

correspond to local codes.


Utility rebates and incentives are available for most commercial & residential 

retrofit lighting project. We work with all rebate programs to make sure utility 

providers program is facilitated to the fullest extent. Each rebate program is 

different. The rules and requirements are frequently difficult to understand. 

Sometimes utility programs can take up to a year to be facilitated. To eliminate 

this burden we can implement up-front rebate programs directly from the cost of 

your project so your incentives kick in from day one.


Our lighting installations are tailored to pay quickly for themselves.

In fact, someprojects pay for themselves in 12 months.

This is reached by encompassing energy savings new LED lighting offers along with longer lifetimes and reduced 

maintenance costs.

Sample Energy Savings:

 Annual Energy Savings                                  $18,568

 LED Life Expectancy                                 22.82Years

 Total LED Energy Savings                           $423,750

 Lamp and Maintenance savings               $389,850

 Total ROI                                                       $813,600

 Total Lamp and Labor Cost                          $88,140

 Net Savings                                                   $725,460 

 Annual Rate of Return                                         40%

 CO2 Emission Saved                             3,808,100lbs

 Monthly Savings                                               $2,971

 ROI Payback                                           29.6 Months

Sample Energy Savings:

 Annual Energy Savings                                  $10,250

 LED Life Expectancy                                 22.82 Years

 Total LED Energy Savings                            $233,925

 Lamp and Maintenance savings                $236,325

 Total ROI                                                        $470,250

 Total Lamp and labor Cost                           $53,425

 Net Savings                                                   $416,825

 Annual Rate of Return                                         39%

 CO2 Emmision Saved                           2,102,206lbs.

 Monthly Savings                                               $1,717

 ROI Payback                                          30.11 Months